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Isaiah, the son of Amoz, ministered in and around Jerusalem as a prophet to Judah during the reigns of 4 kings of Judah: Uzziah (called “Azariah” in 2 Kings), Jotham, Ahaz, and Hezekiah (1:1), from 739-686 B.C.

He evidently came from a family of some rank, because he had easy access to the king, 7:3. He was married and had two sons who bore symbolic names: “Shear-Jashub” (“a remnant shall return,” 7:3) and “Maher-shalal_hash-baz” (“hasting to the spoil, hurrying to the prey,” 8:3) When called by God to prophesy, in the year of King Uzziah’s death (739 B.C.), he responded with a cheerful readiness, though he knew from the beginning that his ministry would be one of fruitless warning and exhortation (6:9-13). Having been reared in Jerusalem, he was an appropriate choice as a political and religious counselor to the nation.

Isaiah, in my opinion, is the most spiritual of the Old Testament books. The man, Isaiah, was a prophet and preacher at the time he wrote this book. Isaiah was prophet during the reign of 5 kings, most of whom were evil. His wife was a prophetess in her own right. Some believe that the word "prophetess" means wife of a prophet, but that is not correct. A person does not become a prophet, or a prophetess, because they are married to a prophet. The office of prophet, or prophetess, is a call from God. You are not called to preach, because your husband preaches. You may be called to preach, but if you are, the call is from God, not because of who you are related to.

History tells us that Manasseh had Isaiah tied to two boards and sawn in two. The following Scripture is believed to be in reference to the horrible fate of Isaiah. Hebrews 11:37 "They were stoned, they were sawn asunder, were tempted, were slain with the sword: they wandered about in sheepskins and goatskins; being destitute, afflicted, tormented;"

Isaiah had great reverence for God. He was a serious, spiritual man. He was known as the prophet of redemption. There were more prophecies of the coming Messiah in Isaiah than any other book, except Psalms. The name, "Isaiah", means Salvation of Jehovah, or Jehovah is Salvation.

The book of Isaiah contains 66 chapters divided into 39, and 27 the same way the Old and New Testament is divided. The one thing that tells us beyond a doubt that Isaiah, the prophet, wrote all of it, is his use of the title "Holy One of Israel". It occurs 12 times in the first 39 chapters and 14 times in chapters 40 through 66. This expression of who God is, is only mentioned 7 times in all the other books of the Bible, and one of those times says "Holy One in Israel". This is Isaiah's expression. If there is a key word in all of this, it would be salvation. Isaiah expressed over and over that the Light and the Savior are One and the Same. As we continue in this study, we will see Isaiah had a depth of understanding who God is, that few have.

It is commonly believed that Isaiah lived from 750 to 680 B.C. Isaiah prophesied during the reign of Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz, Hezekiah, and Manasseh. He faced many hardships, but continued in his call from God. It is commonly believed that Isaiah was about 20 years old when his ministry began, and he continued until his death. The Dead Sea Scrolls, which were found in the caves near the Dead Sea, contained the writings of Isaiah, and were very close in interpretation to what we have in the King James version of the Bible.

Hezekiah began his reign over Judah in 715 B.C. and continued for 29 years to 686 B.C. Hezekiah became very ill with a life threatening disease, but he prayed and God graciously extended his life for 15 years (2 Kings 20; Isaiah 38) until 686 B.C. The ruler of Babylon used the opportunity of his illness and recovery to send congratulations to him, probably seeking to form an alliance with Judah against Assyria at the same time (2 Kings 20:12; Isaiah 39). When Assyria became weak through internal strife, Hezekiah refused to pay any further tribute to that power (2 Kings 18:7). So in 701 B.C. Sennacherib, the Assyrian king, invaded the coastal areas of Israel, marching toward Egypt on Israel's southern flank.

In the process he overran many Judean towns, looting and carrying many people back to Assyria. While besieging Lachish, he sent a contingent of forces to besiege Jerusalem. The side expedition failed, however, so in a second attempt he sent messengers to Jerusalem demanding an immediate surrender of the city (2 Kings 19:9; Isa. 37:9) With Isaiah's encouragement, Hezekiah refused to surrender, and when Sennacherib's army fell prey to a sudden disaster, he returned to Nineveh and never threatened Judah again.

Isaiah is quoted directly in the New Testament over 65 times, far more than any other Old Testament prophet, and mentioned by name over 20 times.

That his book should stand at the head of the 17 prophetic works is no mistake. All who have an appreciation for literature must be impressed by Isaiah's excellence of style, seen in his vivid descriptions and dramatic rhetorical touches. The grandeur and dignity are paralleled by a liveliness of energy and profusion of imagery. He was without doubt the "Prince of Prophets".


Each of the chapters are done individually. Some due to length, have been shorten into "continued" sections. Each section contains a questionnaire which follows the section which has been done to aid in the learning process. Each section can be accessed by the simple menu found at the bottom of the file. (i.e., continue to next section or return to previous section.

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