Jonah PDF's for Reading or Downloading

For those not having Adobe Acrobat Reader, you will need that in order to open a PDF. This is a free program. Go to and a page will open that says 1 of 3. You may want to uncheck the two optional offers before installing, depending on whether or not you want a virus checking program and/or True Key to help remember keyworks on your computer.

One other thought for those who may have trouble with smaller letting is in most cases, you can make the type on your browser larger or smaller simple by holding down the "Control" key with one hand (which is at the lower left of your keyboard), then with the other hand pressing the "+" key which is to the right of the row of numbers. Each time you press the + key, you should see your copy get a little larger. Keep track how many times you press the + key so if you want to reset it back to the size it was, hit the minus "-" key to the left of the + key. For the below listed PDFs' when it comes up on your screen, their is a + or - at the top of the screen (or you can click on the percentage), then select a larger size from the options that comes up.

Notice also that the files are broken up in sections as some files get pretty long. There is no "Go to the Next Section", as there is on our website, so you must come back to this page to select the next section or chapter.

To Begin, when you click on "Chapter 1" (or any chapter/section), a pdf will be opened which you can read, change type size, or even save to your computer for viewing later. After reading the selected chapter, come back to this page and select the next file or section.

Begin Here: Book of Jonah Introduction

Jonah Chapter 1

Jonah Chapter 2

Jonah Chapter 3

Jonah Chapter 4

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