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Luke Chapter 24 Continued

We will recap just a moment on the last lesson. Jesus had walked with two of His disciples who did not recognize Him. He expounded all the prophesies about His life from Scripture. He went in and ate with them, and as he served them Communion, their eyes were opened and they realized who He was. He now has disappeared out of their sight and they are left just the two.

Now we will pick up in Chapter 24:32.

Luke 24:32 "And they said one to another, Did not our heart burn within us, while he talked with us by the way, and while he opened to us the scriptures?"

This is the way His word should affect us. It should make our heart leap within us.

Luke 24:33 "And they rose up the same hour, and returned to Jerusalem, and found the eleven gathered together, and them that were with them,"

This must be a terribly excited group, the word is out, He is risen. Simon Peter was highly respected. They would believe him.

Luke 24:34 "Saying, The Lord is risen indeed, and hath appeared to Simon."

“Appeared to Simon” (1 Cor. 15:5-8). Scripture describes at least 10 distinct appearances of Christ between the resurrection and ascension. He appeared to:

1.Mary Magdalene at the tomb (Mark 16:9; John 20:11-18).

2.To the women on the road (Matt. 28:9-10).

3.To the disciples on the road to Emmaus (verses 13-32).

4.To Peter (verse 34).

5.To 10 of the 11 disciples, Thomas being absent (verses 36-43; Mark 16:14; John 20:19- 25).

6.To the 11 disciples (with Thomas present), 8 days later (John 20:26-31).

7.To 7 disciples by the shore of the Sea of Galilee (John 21:1-25).

8.To more than 500 disciples, probably on a mountain in Galilee (1 Cor. 15:6).

9.To James (1 Cor. 15:7).

10.To the apostles when He ascended into heaven (Acts 1:3-11).

After His ascension, He appeared to Paul (1 Cor. 15:8). The next time He appears it will be in glory (Matthew 24:30).

Luke 24:35 "And they told what things [were done] in the way, and how he was known of them in breaking of bread."

This "breaking of bread" was what we would call taking communion. It is partaking of His body and blood symbolically. It is remembering the great sacrifice He made. The two add their story to what Peter had related.

Luke 24:36 "And as they thus spake, Jesus himself stood in the midst of them, and saith unto them, Peace [be] unto you."

“Jesus himself stood in the midst of them”: The doors were closed and locked (John 20:19).

Just as Jesus spoke peace to them; He brings peace to the ones who truly love Him and follow Him today. Now He does not bother to open a door and walk in, He just appears. His body has changed to a heavenly body.

Luke 24:37 "But they were terrified and affrighted, and supposed that they had seen a spirit."

Fear of the Lord is wise, but not terror. They need to activate their faith. Perhaps the reason for all of this fear is because He has changed a little in physical appearance.

Luke 24:38 "And he said unto them, Why are ye troubled? and why do thoughts arise in your hearts?"

Jesus had already spoken peace to them; maybe they thought He would be angry because they had fled in fear. After this night, they would never again fear death. They know now by the scars in His hands and feet that this is Jesus.

Luke 24:39-40 "Behold my hands and my feet, that it is I myself: handle me, and see; for a spirit hath not flesh and bones, as ye see me have." "And when he had thus spoken, he shewed them [his] hands and [his] feet."

“Behold my hands and my feet”: He was showing them the nail wounds to prove it was really Him. (John 20:27).

They know that death of the body will not be the end of them either. They know now that for the body to die is to live for all of eternity. Death will no longer be a dread to them.

Luke 24:41 "And while they yet believed not for joy, and wondered, he said unto them, Have ye here any meat?"

Now Jesus is about to show them the second evidence that He is not just a Spirit, but has a body, as well. He asks do you have any meat?

Luke 24:42-43 "And they gave him a piece of a broiled fish, and of a honeycomb." "And he took [it], and did eat before them."

Now there is no question. He has a real body with scarred hands and feet, and He eats just like everyone else.

Luke 24:44 "And he said unto them, These [are] the words which I spake unto you, while I was yet with you, that all things must be fulfilled, which were written in the law of Moses, and [in] the prophets, and [in] the psalms, concerning me."

The law of Moses and in the prophets and in the psalms”: i.e., the whole Old Testament.

Read the notes on (Luke 14:27).

Jesus came not to do away with the law, but to fulfill it. He reminds them here that the prophesies in all the books of the Old Testament about Messiah have been fulfilled in Him.

Luke 24:45 "Then opened he their understanding, that they might understand the scriptures,"

“Opened he their understanding”: He undoubtedly taught them from the Old Testament, as He had on the road to Emmaus. But the gist of the expression also seems to convey a supernatural opening of their minds to receive the truths He unfolded. Whereas their understanding was once dull (9:45), they finally saw clearly (Psalm 119:18; Isa. 29:18-19; 2 Cor. 3:14-16).

Until your understanding of the Scriptures is opened by Jesus, you can read it all you want to and not know what it is saying. The understanding of Scriptures is a gift from God. It comes about by the Holy Spirit teaching you.

Verses 46-53: This section contains several ideas that are echoed in the opening of Acts, including Christ’s suffering and resurrection (verse 46; Acts 1:3); the message of repentance and remission of sins (verse 47; Acts 2:38); the disciples as His witnesses (verse 48; Acts 1:8); the Promise of the Father (verse 49; Acts 1:4); tarrying in Jerusalem (verse 49; Acts 1:4), and the beginning of gospel outreach there (verse 47; Acts 1:8); power from on high (verse 49; Acts 1:8); Christ’s ascension (verse 51; Acts 1:9-11); the disciples’ return to Jerusalem (verse 52, Acts 1:12); and their meeting in the temple (verse 53; Acts 2:46).

Luke 24:46 "And said unto them, Thus it is written, and thus it behooved Christ to suffer, and to rise from the dead the third day:"

“It is written”: i.e., in the Old Testament”: (again see the notes on verse 27).

God said this, and His words are TRUE. This was God's plan from the beginning. Jesus won our salvation on the cross. His resurrection from the dead gives us the blessed hope that we too, will rise.

In 1 Thessalonians, chapter 4, we can read about this resurrection beginning with verse 13. We are not like those who have no hope. Our hope is in Jesus Christ the Righteous.

Luke 24:47 "And that repentance and remission of sins should be preached in his name among all nations, beginning at Jerusalem."

This was the Great Commission (Matt. 28:19-20; Mark 16:15).

Repentance means a lot. To repent is to turn your back on the life you have been living and to walk in newness of life. Put your sins under the blood of Jesus, and they are gone; done away with. This offer is not to just a few, but to whosoever will in all nations.

Luke 24:48 "And ye are witnesses of these things."

Jesus says, now you have seen. Go and tell everyone who will listen to you.

Luke 24:49 "And, behold, I send the promise of my Father upon you: but tarry ye in the city of Jerusalem, until ye be endued with power from on high."

“The promise of my Father”: i.e., the Holy Spirit (John 14:26; 15:26; Joel 2:28-29; Acts 2:1-4).

This power they needed was the power of the Holy Ghost. This power was given to them so that they could be effective witnesses to the entire world. It is worth waiting for, if you don't have it. Go and tarry till you get it, this will transform these disciples into bold ministers.

No more would they run, even in the face of death. They have the earnest of the promise now. The gates of hell cannot prevail against them.

Luke 24:50 "And he led them out as far as to Bethany, and he lifted up his hands, and blessed them."

“Bethany”: The hometown of Mary, Martha and Lazarus (John 11:1), on the eastern slope of the Mt. of Olives, two miles east of Jerusalem.

Also (see the notes on Luke 19:29).

Jesus had been walking on the earth 40 days since His resurrection from the dead when He came here to Bethany. The lifting of hands is in praise. His blessings have extended all the way to us.

Luke 24:51 "And it came to pass, while he blessed them, he was parted from them, and carried up into heaven."

“Carried up into heaven”: i.e., visibly. Before when the resurrected Christ left them, He simply vanished (verse 31). This time they saw Him ascend (Acts 1:9-11).

You can read a little more detailed report on this in the first chapter of Acts. This is when the cloud receives Jesus up into heaven.

Luke 24:52 "And they worshipped him, and returned to Jerusalem with great joy:"

“They worshipped him”: i.e., a formal act of worship. Now that He had opened their understanding, they perceived the full truth of His deity, unclouded by the darkness of confuting or doubt. (Matt. 28:9; John 20:28).

Luke 24:53 "And were continually in the temple, praising and blessing God. Amen."

“In the temple”: This became the first meeting place of the church (Acts 2:26; 5:21, 42). There were rooms around the porticoes of the outer court available for such meetings.

There would never be any difficulty anymore on their part in worshipping Jesus. Now none of the routine things of earth are important anymore. The only thing important to them is being constantly in prayer, praising God.

This should be the most important part of our life, as well. Prayer and fellowship with God should be first place in our lives.

Luke Chapter 24 Continued Questions

1.How had they felt when Jesus was expounding the Scripture to them?

2.How should His word affect us?

3.Where did they go to tell about what happened?

4.When they got back, who besides the women had seen Jesus?

5.How had Jesus been revealed to them?

6.Who appeared in the room with them?

7.What are two words describing what effect this had on them?

8.What did they think they had seen?

9.What did Jesus say to them?

10.What did Jesus show them to let them know that He had a body?

11.What did Jesus ask them if they had?

12.Why did He eat with them?

13.What 3 places in the Old Testament did Jesus say told about Him?

14.In verse 45, how did Jesus help them?

15.Why did all this happen to Jesus?

16.What two things should be preached?

17.Where should it be preached?

18.What one word did Jesus call them in verse 48?

19.What did Jesus tell them to tarry for?

20.When He led them to Bethany, what did He do?

21.While He was blessing them, what happened to Him?

22.In verse 52, we are told they did what?

23.What were they doing continually in the temple?

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