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Psalm 93

A Psalm [or] Song for the sabbath day.

Psalm 93: This second psalm of the divine kingdom (compare Psalms 47; 96-99), speaks prophetically of the time when the Lord will rule on the earth in the person of the Messiah. The Lord’s kingship is described (verses 1-2), revealed in nature (verses 3-4), and present in His house, the temple (verse 5).

Verses 1-5: Psalm 93 and 95 to 100 (compare Psalm 47), are dedicated to celebrating God’s sovereign kingship over the world. Psalm 93 glorifies God’s eternal, universal kingdom which is providentially administered through His Son (Col. 1:17). Nothing is more powerful than the Lord; nothing is more steadfast than His reign, nothing is more sure than His revelation.

I.The Lord’s Universal Kingdom (93:1-4).

A.Over the Earth (93:1-2);

B.Over the Sea (93:3-4).

II.The Lord’s Authoritative Revelation (93:5).

Verses 1-5: The majesty, power, and holiness of Christ's kingdom. The Lord might have displayed only his justice, holiness, and awful power, in his dealings with fallen men; but he has been pleased to display the riches of his mercy, and the power of his renewing grace. In this great work, the Father has given all power to his Son, the Lord from heaven, who has made atonement for our sins. He not only can pardon, but deliver and protect all who trust in him. His word is past, and all the saints may rely upon it. Whatever was foretold concerning the kingdom of the Messiah, must be fulfilled in due time. All his people ought to be very strictly pure. God's church is his house; it is a holy house, cleansed from sin, and employed in his service. Where there is purity, there shall be peace. Let all carefully look if this kingdom is set up in their hearts.

Psalm 93:1 "The LORD reigneth, he is clothed with majesty; the LORD is clothed with strength, [wherewith] he hath girded himself: the world also is stablished, that it cannot be moved."

“The LORD reigneth”: An exclamation of the Lord’s universal reign over the earth from the time of creation (verse 2; compare Psalms 103:19; 145:13), and forever.

“Clothed with majesty” poetically expresses the glory associated with all of God’s works (65:6). His works reveal the nature of the Great King. His “strength” refers to His power to subdue all things. The term is derived from military language.

This appears to have been written to calm the fears of the people. LORD again is Jehovah. The psalmist is saying, the LORD reigns over everything and everyone, do not worry. Sometimes today we must remind ourselves that God is forever, and that He alone is supreme ruler of it all. Notice above, that this is God Himself who clothed Himself with strength. He is telling His people; this is not the end of the world. God established the earth, and He alone will decide when

He is through with it. He is clothed with majesty. This does not mean that the garment He put on was a majestic garment, it means it was majesty itself. We know the High Priest wore his beautiful garments with the 12 stones on the breast when he represented God to the people. We have discussed before, that Satan has no more power than what God allows him to have for the moment. God controls Satan, the same as He controls everything and everyone else.

Psalm 93:2 "Thy throne [is] established of old: thou [art] from everlasting."

Or "prepared from eternity". Christ was set up and anointed as King from everlasting. He had a kingdom appointed and prepared for him so early; and his throne, which is prepared in the heavens, is an established one. It is for ever and ever. His kingdom is an everlasting kingdom; of his government, and the increase of it, there is no end.

"Thou art from everlasting": As a divine Person, as God, and the Son of God. Or he could not have been anointed unto or invested with the kingly office so early; nor have had a glory with his Father before the world began. His eternal existence, as God, accounts for the establishment of his throne of old, without which it could not be.

This too, is an encouragement to the people that God is still on His throne. Perhaps he was showing the people how crumbly the thrones of man were compared to God who existed from before the foundation of the earth. He is supreme ruler over everything and always has been.

Verses 3-4: The sea with all its power is nothing in comparison to the power of God. The doubling and tripling of expressions throughout this psalm (verses 1, 3-4), are poetic means of generating literary energy and emphasis.

Psalm 93:3 "The floods have lifted up, O LORD, the floods have lifted up their voice; the floods lift up their waves."

The Targum adds, "in a song''. Taking the words in a good sense. And so, some of the ancients, as Jerome particularly, understood them of the apostles and their ministrations. Who lifted up their voice like a trumpet, which went into all the world, and unto the ends of the earth. And who came with the fulness of the gifts and graces of the Spirit; and were attended with a force and power which bore down all before them. But rather by "the floods" are meant the enemies of Christ, his kingdom, and interest. And by their "lifting up their voice", the opposition made by them thereunto (see Isa. 8:7). This was fulfilled in the Jews and Gentiles, who raged, like foaming waves of the sea, against Christ, and lifted up their voices to have him crucified. In the Roman emperors, and in the ten persecutions under them. In those floods of errors and heresies, which the dragon has cast out of his mouth to devour the church of Christ, against which the Spirit of the Lord has lifted up a standard in all ages. In the antichristian kingdoms, compared to many waters, on which the whore of Rome is said to sit (Revelation 17:1). And especially in antichrist himself, who has opened his mouth in blasphemy against God, his tabernacle, and they that dwell therein. And will be further fulfilled in the last persecution and slaying of the witnesses, and in the Gog and Magog army, which shall encompass the beloved city and camp of the saints. Kimchi interprets it of Gog and Magog, and of the kings that shall be gathered together to fight against Jerusalem.

"The floods lift up their waves": With great strength, making a great noise, and threatening with ruin and destruction, as before.

We see the voices of these violent men are coming in waves like the sea raging. It seems, they do not get through making one threat, until here comes another. It appears the psalmist did not answer them back, but came to God with his problem.

Psalm 93:4 "The LORD on high [is] mightier than the noise of many waters, [yea, than] the mighty waves of the sea."

Christ is the Most High; he is God over all, higher than the highest. He is, as King, higher than the kings of the earth. He is in the highest heavens, and higher than they. He is highly exalted, as Mediator, at the right hand of God. He is the mighty God, and mighty Savior. Yea, he is Almighty, and therefore mightier than all his enemies, and the noise they make, and the force they use. He is stronger than the strong man armed. Than Satan, and all his principalities and powers. Than all the persecuting princes and potentates of this world. Than antichrist, and all the antichristian states. Yea, than "the mighty waves of the sea"; the same are intended as before.

Many times, waters, spoken of in this manner, can mean people. That is the case here. Then and even now, when people try to overthrow God's work, it's just a noisome noise to the Lord from out of the multitude. All He has to do is say, peace be still, and it will have to obey Him.

Psalm 93:5 "Thy testimonies are very sure: holiness becometh thine house, O LORD, for ever."

“Testimonies are very sure”: As God’s rule over the earth is stable, so His revelation given through Scripture is trustworthy (compare Psalm 19:7).

The storm may rage, but it has no power at all on our God. The throne of God is set for all generations to come, there is no tearing it down. His Word is established forever. He is Truth, and Truth is established forever. Holiness is surely being questioned in our day. God never changes. His laws are the same. He is Holy, and that will never change. He is Righteous, and that will never change. We cannot say, we are living in modern times and God has changed His Word to fit our day. God's Word is established from everlasting to everlasting. Just because we are saved by grace, does not give us a license to sin. God is Holy. We will be judged by a Holy Judge (Jesus Christ).

Psalm 93 Questions

1.What is the LORD clothed with in verse 1?

2.Who clothed the Lord?

3.Why is it God's decision when the world will end?

4.When did the High Priest wear his fine garment with the breastplate of twelve stones?

5.How much power does Satan have?

6.How ___________ are the thrones of man compared to the throne of God.

7.The voices of these evil men are coming up like what?

8.Waters are sometime speaking of whom?

9.The Word of God is established _____________.

10.Who is our Holy Judge?

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