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What is the Role of Government During the End Times

Coincidence or Fulfillment: It’s time for a short review. The Bible says the government of the last days would have certain characteristics. It is to be global. It is to be forged, not through war, but through mutual agreement. The Bible uses the image of a woman riding on a beast as its identifying symbol Woman Riding a Beast (see Rev. 17:7-8).

It must comprise the territory of the Old Roman Empire. Finally, it must emerge during the same generation as the rebirth of Israel. Although the Roman Empire is to revive as a peaceful alternative to military conquest, it must do so during a time of “wars and rumors of wars”.

Interdependence among nations today is increasing at a rapid pace. In spite of the obvious and flagrant uselessness of the UN, it is being heralded by many world leaders as the only answer to world peace. The international hysteria of nuclear warfare has created a phobia in the minds of people who will never be satisfied until they have a one world government.

The stupidity of such a possibility is completely ignored by the idealistic aspirations of millions. The fact that socialist thinking and subversive activity dominates the UN does not deter the advocates of one world government. Neither does the fact that socialism has never worked in any country of the world to improve the quality of life. These people dream of a one world socialist world (without God).

Their enthusiasm has not abated over the years, although many small new nations are given equal vote with mature nations like our own, and 2/3 of the voting power resides in the hands of 10% of the world’s population, which won 5% of the world’s land area.

The Antichrists One World Government: As predicted by the image of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream (in Daniel chapter 2), the ten toes of the image represent an amalgamation of the ten kings under the influence of the Antichrist. (Rev. 17:12-15), reveals that the kings of the earth will finally come to the realization that they are not capable of governing themselves in peace with other nations of the world; thus they “will give their power and authority to the beast” Ten Horns (see Rev. 17:12-14).

Rev. 17:13 suggests that for the sake of world peace they will establish a one world government that they’ll consider the solution to the world’s problems. The monstrosity on Manhattan Island known as the UN, which has already deceived the American people and robbed the US Treasury, is a classic example states Mr. Lindsey.

The Antichrist Will Dominate World Economy: Rev. 17:3 states that the kings of the earth “will give their power to the beast,” this means not only their armies but also their economic power. It is inconceivable that a one world government be established without an interrelated one-world economy.

Religion and Government: The principal forms Satan has used to deceive human beings about God is religion and government. Humanity has had a running romance with government since just after the Flood; but instead of doing them good, government has been the principal cause of much suffering to the present day. Take the twentieth century, for example: More people have been murdered, starved, or imprisoned by government in these past one hundred years (between 160-180 million people killed), than in all the rest of human history put together.

And Satan has been behind almost all these governments that had no regard for humanity. Many modern governments and governmental leaders are Satan’s pawns today, which is the main reason for so much chaos in the world! Nothing has caused more havoc and evil to humanity than government. Power in the hands of evil men in the form of government has given license to murders, wars, famine, heartache, and suffering beyond human comprehension.

Woodrow Wilson, who promised the American people he would keep the nation out of the war, soon led the nation into it. Not only did he break his promise, but he also promised it would be “the war to end all wars”, a grand idea but one that obviously never took root. Right after the war, Wilson and his most trusted advisor, Col. Mandell House (an obsessed socialist), went to the Geneva Peace Conference and tried to set up the League of Nations, the first broad scale step toward a one world government.

But when they returned to the US, their hopes were dashed by Senate conservatives, who in 1919 prevented America’s involvement in the League. Still, House and his associates did not give up. In 1921, House and others founded the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), probably the most influential organization in the 20th century. It has consistently promoted a one world government.

The council was the prime mover in establishing the United Nations in 1945, promising to halt man’s ancient nemesis, war. Unfortunately, the UN’s track record has been less than reassuring. In the past sixty years we have endured more wars and war-related deaths than during any other similar period in history. That, of course, does not deter the socialists, who are convinced that if they could just have more power, they would succeed.

Since then, the Club of Rome Conference, featuring the elite leaders of the world, announced that a one world government was the only hope for our planet. Its members are convinced that overpopulation is going to destroy the earth; thus, they insist that humanity must change its attitude about children and the need to preserve the environment. They, of course, advocate population control through abortion, contraceptives, and government directed “progress.” They also insist that the rich nations of the world subsidize third world countries so that all become equal, thus removing greed as a motivation for war.

That my friend is Socialism (Communism).

Already there is almost universal acceptance among elite insiders that the governments of the world will relinquish their sovereignty to one head, an international world leader. This is clearly predicted (in chapters of Rev 13; Dan. 2; and 2 Thess. 2), and other prophetic passages. Already many secret societies and organizations are working tirelessly to make that come to pass. During

the past few years, shocking revelations have been confirmed that, for over 200 years, many influential leaders of some of the most powerful countries of the world have been committed to ushering in a one-world government.

What is important about these organizations is that whenever their membership comes to light, it includes those who control government, banking, education, and media. Few Christians are ever found in such groups, which often display overt hostility to Judeo Christian culture and values.

All these groups are working in one way or another for a world government. No doubt when Satan does prepare the world for uniting under one master controller, he will use a system of interlocking, secret organizations that seek to control the economy, the religion, and the media of the world. With this power he will be able to control all world leaders.

In the mid 90’s the world planners started talking about a “world tax”, a “world court”, a “world police force”, a “world standard for nations,” a “world economy,” and even a “world religion” One suggested recently that since religion has proven to be so divisive, we have come to the point when we need a one world religion that will “unite the people.”

The Rise of Commercial Babylon: The Antichrist’s sins find their source in a single ultimate

wickedness: the desire to live independently of God and even supplant Him. This supreme iniquity is reflected even in the economic system set up by the Antichrist. Commercial Babylon is every bit as much opposed to God in the realm of daily life as is religious Babylon in the realm of spiritual life, and it will be judged just as severely.

It is very clear that from studying (Rev. chapters 13, 17 and 18), that the Antichrist will have total control of the world’s economy during the last 3-1/2 years of the Tribulation. His primary tool will be absolute domination of the money supply. And how will he accomplish this great feat?

Through a famous means commonly known as “The mark of the beast”; see Rev: 13:16-18).

When the “World Court” began to be implemented, the year was 1998. The original estimate was that it would take 20 years before the court came into existence by the ratification of at least 60 countries. Countries ratifying this new World Court must give up their own sovereignty. Meaning that country must allow the World Court to make arrests of their citizens, remove them from their own country and take them to trial at their international location. The International Criminal Court (ICC) will be a permanent court for trying individuals’ accused of committing genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Less than 4 years, on 4/11/02, this new world criminal court was ratified by the needed 60 countries. Following the Rome Statute of the ICC entry into force (on 1 July 2002), the Court is expected to be fully functional by mid-2003. This constitutes a real danger to the United States. Many countries who have done the ratifying are very small, empowering a few people to impose their form of justice onto many people. The fear of U.S. servicemen being charged with crimes for serving their country during war could be a reality. You saw the U.N. charge Israel with “war crimes” in Jenin while the cry of massacre was being shouted by Arafat and his cronies.

Citizens from those countries not ratifying the ICC can’t be arrested and taken for trial by the ICC unless they leave the country, or can they? Seems someone called Milosevic found that was not exactly true. In his case, he was kidnapped and taken to the world court for trial. Seems the U.S. was involved by putting pressure on Yugoslavia by withholding money they desperately needed to continue to function. To the tune of five hundred million dollars.

Yugoslavia was also pressured to turn over others which were accused of war crimes, causing one person to hang himself. These acts were done by financial pressure mainly created by the good old USA in conjunction with others. Not much of this has been reported by the American news nor has much been reported about the ICC ratification. I wonder why?

This is a step to the coming One World Government.

Go to a web site http: to see the number of ratifying countries at the time of this writing, June 2002, has climbed to 67. As of July 2007, this number has grown to 104. Now as of 2017, the number has grown to 124. This site is the primary NGO provider of online information about the International Criminal Court. Some of the countries that have ratified the ICC is United Kingdom, Germany, France, Canada, Italy, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland. You will find they have pledges from various countries for money and are looking for people to make donations.

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