Reference Materials Used in This Website include:

There are a number of study bibles that I use and recommend starting with the below list.

John MacArthur Study Bible – Available in a number of versions such as NASE, NKJV or ESV. This site has a ton of sermons available from a man who has been preaching over 40 years and his father and grandfather was both called to be pastors. In addition, John MacArthur has taken some 5 years of Greek which gives him a very good insight into various scriptural meanings. Listen to one of his sermons and discover this is someone you will want to listen to. He has over 3000 online sermons which are free to download as a paper copy or as a MP3 to listen to, or both. – Go to (And I’ve probably listened to about 1500 – 2000 or more of these myself)

Nelson King James Version Study Bible – Available in a variety of different covers.

Much of what has been included in my scripture by scripture explanations included on my website has been taken from some of these various publications mentioned above. Therefore none of what you find on must be copied and distributed / sold to any other party.  This is material only to be used in the education of those seeking what the scripture meaning is as they read God’s Holy Words. And I do wholehearted suggest purchasing study materials, sermons (many are on-line and can be listened to at no charge on John MacArthur’s site), or study bible’s or materials available from Nelson.

In additional to various study bibles, some material has come by way of various commentaries that are available which include:

Matthew Henry’s Commentary on the Whole Bible – A huge book that is 8-1/2 x 11 x 2 inches and weights some 7 pounds. Plus the type is very, very small. Available on at –

Other commentaries include: Matthew Henry’s Commentary on the Whole Bible (see above), Pulpit Commentary, Gill’s Exposition of the Entire Bible, Barnes Notes on the Bible, Clarkes Commentary, Geneva Study Bible, Jamieson – Fausset, Keith and Delitzsch, Treasure of Scripture Knowledge, and Wesley’s Notes. (all of these can be found on the “Online Parallel Bible” listed below and you can read these at no charge.

Online Parallel Bible – This is an excellent way to see some 15 different bible Parallel translations on line at the same time so you can see what each bible version’s translation is. On the right side of the page are cross references to the scripture you have selected so you can in fact check the bible with other verses. Finally at the left bottom under the 15 or so parallel translation scripture versions, you will find 10 or so Parallel Commentaries starting with Barnes and ending with Mathew Henry. This is one terrific website to use.

In case you are not sure which pastors are safe to listen to where you won’t be lead wrong, I will give you a list of who I listen to and trust. In no certain order, those I listen to are: John MacArthur, David Jeremiah, Alistair Begg, Chuck Swindoll, Erwin Lutzer, Michael Youssef, John Piper, Charles Stanley, R.C. Sproul, Greg Laurie, Jack Graham, Chip Ingram, (Adrian Rogers, Dr. James Kennedy – both deceased but some of their sermons are still being aired).

But the real secret is to not only study, read the bible daily, listen to sermons, but while you are doing this ask God for His Holy Spirit to guide you to discover His truth and for His Wisdom and Understanding to lead and guide you as you learn. And to allow Christ to be Lord of your life as you follow and obey His commandments found in the New Testament of the bible.

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