Our new www.Bible-Studys.org Is now online and operating. I am told that both apps will be operating within 2 weeks on this site.

Many have written in and complained that the website isn’t coming up still, but if you are having trouble with that on either website, I would suggest you open a new browser and try again on that. If that doesn’t work, try rebooting your computer. And if you get a message that begins with “Oops”, then go up into the heading and click on “Home”. That should get you in.

Some have asked about the PDF’s and they are coming. When they are ready and online, they will be notified under the News Updates here as to when and where to go to download them.



Our new Bible-Studys.org has taken longer that was originally anticipated. But will go online in a few more days.

The apps will be Android first but the iPhone app will take a little longer due to delay caused by the Covid-9 pandemic.

An unexpected surprise is that both Bible-Studys.org and Discoverrevelation.com are now available in 112 languages. You may select the language you want in the header at the top of the page. Just select from the list and click. Everything on screen changes to that language instantly.



Bible-Studys.org has been delayed slightly and should be done by the end of this week. We are waiting for the posting of the Apps to take place. They have been submitted and due to the pandemic, have been delayed slightly.


Today you see the new look Discover Revelation site which is now done in WordPress which has several advances besides running faster. We now have phone apps ( which will be live soon ) which many of you have inquired of in the past and wanted. They are now here.

For those who may have emailed in various typos, etc. we are in the process of changing those which will be a little while until all this new site changeover is completely done. I will personally advise those who have sent in changes when those changes have been made.

For those who have sent in donations recently and made out checks to me, Ken Cayce, we are now a 501c3 non-prophet corporation and I have been keeping track of who sent what so that I can send you a letter at the end of the year stating the amount of your giving.

But please do not make any more checks out to Ken Cayce, from now on make them out to Gateway Bible Studys please.

As we go along, continue to look at our “News Updates” where any news item will be posted here with the date of posting such as you see here.

We are hoping to have the new look www.bible-studys.org up online the week of the 14th