8/26/21 – 11/26/21

Sometime in August on a very hot day, I took my dog for a walk. Our normal walks would be some 3 plus miles, but on that day, after 1 mile I started to have pain in my right leg. It was becoming so bad that I decided to turn around and go back to my car. I was limping badly by the time I returned to the car.

Unfortunately, during the days that followed the pain worsened and I finally went to my doctor and had it checked out. In late September it was determined that I would need to have an MRI to determine what was wrong as it wasn’t getting any better. Finally in mid-October (after the right leg had swollen to about 3 inches in circumference larger, then the upper thigh of my left leg), I had an MRI done and shortly later it was determined that I would need surgery for a deep hematoma that was approximately 11 inches long. Approximately 27 ounces of blood was collected by a device that was attached to my leg.  I was admitted to a hospital the last week of October and discharged the first week of November.

During this time, I also noticed that my memory had been affected. Previous to this time, we had been having our house totally renovated by repainted inside, flooring updated, popcorn ceilings removed and will be installing new baseboards. Our house during this ordeal was completely in shambles. After surgery, I spent weeks sleeping on our couch in the living room while the bedrooms were being updated with new carpeting and pad. After this happened, this project has been a total nightmare!

My youngest son moved in with us and has been a lot of help, as I am not supposed to lift more that 15 pounds and I am supposed to be doing leg exercises which I haven’t stated yet as of today. I can walk and drive a car now, but my right knee doesn’t want to bend and that’s why I need to do the exercises.

Now having said all of that, my first on the list of things I must do is to answer a lot of questions which has been written to me online. As of today, I am working on these but estimate a week to two to get everything caught up.

After getting those emails caught up, I will begin to work on redoing the current 3 websites and will work on getting those 3 sites merged into one. This should have been done previously but wasn’t. Now I know and see why the sites must be merged so that we can have better control over the layout and especially where the copy on the left starts which is problematic with some systems which can’t see the copy very well, especially where the copy on the left is blocked for some devices.

When the 3 web sites are merged, they will be simply https://gatewaybiblestudys.org/

Thank you for being patient with me as I go through some very difficult things I am having to deal with.


We are still having problems with the iPhone App. It was online for a while, but the iPhone people have changed their Terms of Agreement not long ago. Our app was taken down due to us making to many changes. That happened primarily due to the fact we were changing our html site into a WordPress site and yes, there would be a lot of changes due to that.  Also the person who was hired to do the App was unavailable for some time, and then I discovered he was in the hospital. I did believe it was Covid related and when I was finally able to speak to him, that was verified.

To make things easier for those coming to our websites here is a convenient URL that will enable you to go to any book of the bible by one simple click: https://bible-studys.org/books-of-the-bible/

Our first Mailchimp mailing came right before Easter and so far that is the only one we’ve sent out. These mailings will only happen when there is something of great importance, so don’t worry about getting dozens of emails from us as that will never happen., What we are looking at now is to begin sending out up to date CD’s, which will start right after the 4th of July holidays.

Two other things will happen before long as well. The ability to be able to download everything which is on our website to your computer or a portable Seagate or Western Digital hard disk drive. Also we are working on the audible downloads of all of the books of the bible which include both scripture and explanations, along with tens of thousands of scripture references.

As many of you know we already have our sites available in approximately 120 languages at the click of one button online currently, which is found at the top of each page. You will see currently a white box with a US flag and the word “English” next to it. Click anywhere in that white box and select whichever language you would prefer.

If you are not on our Mailchimp’s mailing list, please send me your First name, Last name, your physical address, and your email address. If you are online and get a popup, you can do it yourself.


As of today, I am still awaiting my agent’s response as to the app for iPhone. After some 3 weeks I have found that he is in the hospital. I am not sure why he was admitted, but Covid-19 could be the reason.

As many of you have signed up for our mailings from Mailchimp, I hope to have the first mailing done towards the end of this month. There will be a lot of new items I want to work on which will benefit a lot of people. Especially those who would like to have a way to download our entire site all at once. Also, to have audible files. As many of you know we already have these sites available in approximately 120 languages at the click of one button online currently.

If you are not on our Mailchimp’s mailing list, please send me your: First name, Last name, your physical address, and your email address. And I will make sure it is put on the list myself. If you are online and get a popup, you can do it yourself. If you have no popups allowed selected in your system, you’ve probably never seen the popup for requesting your information.



This has been an exceedingly difficult time due to circumstances beyond our control. What should have been a quick change-over of our 2 sites from a html language to WordPress, turned into a real nightmare due to the Covid-19 situation and the government’s problems. What should have taken only a short time, has literally taken months.

Combine that with a new Website: www.gatewaybiblestudys.org, and sicknesses causing time delays and, in some cases, lost workers. At last, we are in fairly good shape, and are able to say that the site is up and running where you can download PDFs of every scripture in the bible.